Top 20 VR Mobile Games

Are you a fan of virtual reality (VR) games? Today there are all sorts of VR mobile games available. Here are some of the top ones: Google Cardboard 1. Sisters The tagline of this game points out that you have to watch out where you look because there’s something that wants to keep you away … Read more

Top 15 iOS AR Games

Are you looking for a new augmented reality (AR) game for iOS? There are many options for your iPhone or iPad but here are some of the best ones: 1. ARBasketball This is an AR basketball game that requires you to aim your iOS device’s camera at an empty area or field. It will then … Read more

Top 20 Freemium Mobile Games

Are you looking for freemium mobile games? There are tons of options for iOS and Android. These games blend the terms “free” and “premium” that describes games that are free to encourage consumers to upgrade to higher-end games. Here are some of the best options for smartphones and tablets: 1. Trade Nations If you’re a … Read more

Top 10 iOS Puzzle Games

People have been playing puzzle games for ages, and there’s evidence of humans playing puzzle games as far as ancient Greece and even earlier. With that in mind, know the while iPhones and iPads are still a recent invention, we found a way to take this new trend and mix it with the puzzling ancient … Read more

Best iOS Games of 2017

Throughout this article we’re going to go over the best iOs games of 2017, and we’re not going to order them in any way, because all ten of them are great and cater to different genres. We cover a lot of variety from puzzle to action, passing through adventure, sports, simulation and more. With this … Read more